Be Bilal: Committed to Baltimore

Baltimore, is a city that has had days of glory and strength, showing the world what it means to create the best of America. Baltimore, like Detroit, Gary and others had the rug of industrial security pulled from under its feet, left only to fall hard with boarded up...

Why do we need to establish BE BILAL?

To answer this question one might need to know who Bilal was: Bilal was a loyal companion of Prophet Muhammad; Bilal born an African slave was one of the first people to embrace the religion of Islam. As a slave Bilal’s master pushed him to the brink of death to get...


Be Bilal is a collection of individuals like yourself who want to effect change in their communities. 


Why did we create Be Bilal?

The purpose of Be Bilal is to be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Through social-action movements, we will be the ones to call attention to the inequalities and injustices against African Americans in the United States of America. We will call to attention the responsibilities of the African American community and the true power they hold in American society. We will teach African Americans how to hold the officials they vote into office accountable. We will lead African Americans to economic empowerment through financial education and business development. We will produce healthy African American families and strengthen our educational facilities. We will do these things and more over the lifetime of this organization.

The fight for equality cannot be accomplished through the efforts of African Americans and Muslims alone. To reach our goals people of all nationalities and religions will need to Be Bilal.

Current Project Little Oasis


The purpose of Be Bilal’s Little Oasis’ is to provide grants of money and or produce to corner stores in these food deserts to provide an alternative to the unhealthy food items commonly sold at these stores. If more gas stations and corner stores in these communities were to sell more fresh produce and provide healthy food options this would greatly help these communities.  The grants will be one time gifts where the profit of the sales from the produce is to be used to buy more fresh produce in hopes that the demand of produce will turn into regular product sold at the stores. As a result the corner store becomes an oasis in a food desert. Read More


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