Baltimore, is a city that has had days of glory and strength, showing the world what it means to create the best of America. Baltimore, like Detroit, Gary and others had the rug of industrial security pulled from under its feet, left only to fall hard with boarded up windows serving as Band-Aids. Through it all the people of Baltimore have stayed strong. On North Avenue as the dust settled on April 28, 2015, debris was swept, food shared and hope restored. Charges have been filed and offending officers arrested. The citizens of Baltimore are showing the world what a united and determined community looks like. Be Bilal, Baltimore; the world is listening.

The national news coverage has shown a skewed view of the protests to the death of Freddie Gray. Showing primarily clips of rioting teenagers and not showing the clips of teenagers begging for the chance of fair opportunity. Many teenagers do not believe that they have the chance to possibly live a life that would lead to economic empowerment, academic prosperity, positive community life and development.

Be Bilal will stay committed to our pre-existing plan to invest in Baltimore. Our first initiative “Little Oasis” is scheduled to be launched in Baltimore; a program designed to provide healthier food options in food deserts. On Sunday, April 27th (a day before the riot) Hamid Saahir founder of Be Bilal met with Imam Earl El-Amin of the Muslim Community Cultural Center of Baltimore to host community engagement programing at the masjid. And pictured is Imam Hassan Amin, president of the Muslim Social Services Agency Be Bilal’s fiscal sponsoring organization cleaning up North Avenue the morning after the riot.

Be Bilal challenges everyone to learn from this situation and make a difference in their community. No person is ever too small to lead change.

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