Calling Statement:

Whosoever of you sees an evil action, he must change it with his hand. If he is not able to do so, then he must change it] with his tongue. If he is not able to do so then [he must change it] with his heart and this is the weakest (manifestation) of faith. – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


What is the mission?

The mission of Be Bilal is to advocate for and serve disadvantaged communities by addressing economic, political, social, education and health disparities. Through targeted, well-designed projects, Be Bilal will address inequalities and injustices strategically. Be Bilal will teach community members how to hold political officials accountable through political mobilization projects; financially empower communities through educational seminars and campaigns; and promote health and wellness in communities.


What will be are areas of focus?

The focus areas will be Education, Political Empowerment, Financial Empowerment and Community Life with specified areas of concentration under each.



  • Academic Education – The American school system is failing African Americans. Studies have shown a pattern of school failing and prison sentencing called “The school to prison pipeline” is a reality. Be Bilal will ensure that targeted communities have the opportunity to receive a quality education. The organization will ensure that laws and policies that are created to protect education equality are upheld. Be Bilal will work to ensure that all schools are providing quality education to equip students with the tools to contribute to society.


Political Empowerment:

  • Civic Education – Be Bilal will inform communities of their rights and responsibilities as citizens of the United States. The organization will educate communities about ongoing, systemic issues that may adversely affect their rights as United States citizens. We will teach communities skills that will enhance their legal and policy-making strength to advocate change to the laws that form their government.


Financial Empowerment

  • Financial Freedom – Be Bilal will educate communities on their financial responsibilities and how to avoid financial pitfalls that place unfair burdens on people. Be Bilal will teach people the skills, provide access to key resources and provide the education that will allow one to live a life of financial freedom.


Community Life

  • Healthy Families and Responsible Fatherhood – Families are at the core of communities and if families are balanced spiritually, mentally and physically then they can be of benefit to society. Be Bilal will promote the institution of marriage and encourage fathers to embrace their responsibilities.


  • Community Development – Be Bilal will promote the establishment of a health community life and development. This will be accomplished through the promotion of marriage, business development, healthy families and responsible fatherhood, quality schools and reentry support.


  • Healthy Living Be Bilal will promote a physical, mental and spiritually healthy life. Be Bilal will advocate for food equality, the eradication of food deserts and address health disparities that exist amongst American communities to help people live healthier lives.